What would it cost to renovate our bathroom?

We cannot answer that question over the phone for the following reasons? What is the existing condition of the bathroom? Is it in a bad state due to water damage or structural damage? Do we decide on a new layout or install additional fixtures? What is the access on your property and where is the bathroom located. What are your needs and wishes for that bathroom? Even when the size of a bathroom is the same the cost could be quite different between one or another depending on what is required and the number of items and quality of the items selected.

This is why it is important that we can see your property and listen to you and discuss your renovation plans in a professional way.

How long will it take to renovate a bathroom?

The time required to renovate your bathroom depend on how much work is involved. We can only answer that question at the end of our first consultation.

The time required for your renovation project will be entered in the contract and we have a proven track record of building within that time frame.

Do we need another builder to construct the new walls/floor or e.g. relocate the window?

When your renovator is not a builder licensed to carry out structural work you should think twice before you go ahead. Even when that renovator is saying we get another licensed builder in to do the construction work you should consider with which business do you have a contract and which person is responsible for the renovation work when something goes wrong? Do you want to be involved in a possible blame game and take that risk?

With Coad Homes Pty Ltd trading as A & C Bathroom Renovations you don’t have to worry about those issues. We are a licensed building company and have the expertise to build a complete new bathroom under your home or in your home or extend out onto the veranda and so on. With A & C Bathroom Renovations you deal with one contractor only who is responsible for your total renovation project which will give you peace of mind.

How experienced is the team?

Adrian and the main team a total of 8 people work for between 12 and 28 years together on building projects of which 12 years is being specialised in bathroom renovations. This is a tested and trustworthy team. Those 8 people have a combined 288 years of experience in the building industry. Those 8 people take pride and care in their own work but also in each other work and the ultimate winners are our customers.

I am often away for a considerable time due to my work commitments. Is that a problem?

This is not a problem at all. We have done this all before and this is how it works:

Before you go away every detail for your renovation project is sorted out and confirmed in the specification and on the proposed plan and in the contract so we know what we have to do and you know what you get.

We keep you up to date with the progress of the job and email you photos so you have the feeling that you are onsite.

Can I supply my own tiles fixtures and fittings?

We will inform you with information about our suppliers and you are free to select the items according to your wishes and your budget. The list of items selected will be given to you and emailed to us so we can check if nothing is forgotten and the correct items for your renovation project are selected. After all is checked and okay, A & C Bathroom Renovations will order the selected items and be responsible for the items.

In special circumstances we will discuss this on an individual basis and it depend very much what type of item is involved. In general we do not want you to supply your own items and ask you to consider the following possible issues:

When the supply of your items is causing delays there could be cost involved.

Who is responsible for the performance of those items?

Could the quality of those items effect our workmanship?

Are the items approved to the Australian Standards etc.? (We will not install items that are not approved)

In the event that something goes wrong usually the blame game start.

It will get worse when your items supplied by you are not covered under the QBCC home warranty insurance.

Remember when a bargain sounds too good to be true it usual is that way and your bargain could become a very unwanted expensive nightmare.

It is simply not worth the risk.

We can only be responsible for your total renovation project when we are in total control.

When can you start the renovation work?

We will ask you what date you would like to start. We will check our work schedule and check with our suppliers when the selected items are available. Of the shelf items are usual okay but we still check the availability. When custom made items are selected such as vanity cabinets and tops, windows or doors etc. more time is usual required before they are available.

When all the information is available it is easy to agree on a safe starting date.

Please note that we do not start before we know that the selected items are available. We do not want you to experience a quick unorganised start and suddenly it all comes to an unwanted stop due to lack of items.

Who takes care for Building rubbish and the final cleaning?

A & C bathroom renovations will remove all building rubbish associated with our renovation work. Sometimes customers prefer to do the final clean of the bathroom/ensuite themselves and save money. That is fine and it will be confirmed in the specification.

Generally we will do the final clean so you don’t have to worry about anything.