Simple the professional steps we take from the first consultation to the final finish.
Step 1
Adrian will spend a considerable time with his customers to discuss their needs, wishes and the budget available. Together we go through a specialised list of questions and details and here is where Adrian’s 45 years of experience in the building industry of which 12 years with bathroom renovations is vital important for our customers.

Feedback from our customers confirms that the time we spend to sort out the renovation details is well worth the effort and the reward for our customers is piece of mind.

Step 2
The next step is to prepare a set of specifications with all details and a proposed plan view.

Step 3
Adrian will see the customer again and will explain the details, terms and conditions in the specification and make sure that nothing is forgotten or misunderstood from both sides. The plan is a very important part for our customers to familiarise them self with the proposed layout of the bathroom.

Step 4
We then ask our customers to select items tap ware, tiles etc. by shops we deal with all the time. The showroom consultant will give you a copy of the items you have selected and send us the same so we can check if all is correct and no items are forgotten.

Step 5
When the customer is ready we then enter into a contract and the plan and specifications are part of the contract. We use only legal contracts and we use the contract of the Queensland Master Builders Association.

Why is this type of contract so important?
It explains the rights and obligations of the customer and the contractor.
It informs you how much deposit you have to pay. Do you know that 10% could be too much?
The starting date and finish date are entered into this contract.
We provide you with a Contract Information Statement which is a customer guide.

Step 6
A & C bathroom Renovations will than order all items and we will not start before all important items are available.

Step 7
A & C bathroom renovations will than start with the renovation and finish within the time as per contract. When variations to the contract have to be carried out we use proper variation instruction forms. The customer keeps a copy of this form so you don’t end up with unexpected surprises.